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In this exercise, students are introduced in a pleasant way to the life and works of a (new) Latin author (for instance, Pliny, Ovid, Virgilius...). You can also have them create a Facebook profile for a Latin author as preparation for the trip to Rome (with a visit to a museum such as the Galleria Borghese)


PART 1 ASSIGNMENT Create a Facebook profile

  • Create a Facebook profile for Ovid
  • Complete all the requested information (full name, date of birth, place of birth,…)
  • Provide the works of the author and their content
  • Illustrate your website with interesting pictures (from the Metamorphoses, the Galleria Borghese) and interesting facts.

(Note: students will first have to create a new email address if they don’t want to use their own address. Often a mobile phone number is requested for control purposes.

PART 2 Assignment Metamorphosis

  • Pick one of Ovid’s Metamorphoses (which you have translated in the lesson)
  • Search for an image of an artwork depicting one of Ovid’s Metamorphoses on this website:http://galleriaborghese.beniculturali.it/
  • Discuss the artwork
  • Please provide the name of the artist
  • Provide the title of the work
  • Provide the genre of this artwork (painting, sculpture, …)
  • Give a brief description of the story that is depicted

PART 3 IN THE CLASS: discuss your profile and artwork

What do I need?

  • Internet: Yes
  • Hardware: computer room or iPads in the classroom (the Facebook profile they can finish at home )

ICT Level and Target Group

  • ICT level: intermediate
  • Target group: second

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