Alexander the Great: the Hellenistic Empires

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During this class the students will research the Hellenistic Empires at the time of the emergence of Alexander the Great, and his accomplishments. Hellas will be studied during the period of Philipos and the students will focus on the life of Alexander the Great and his world empire. How was he able to conquer a world empire and what happened to it after his death? The students will be split up in groups of three and each group will perform their own research. It is the intention to give a presentation for the class, so that the students can learn from each other and absorb the subject matter. Self-examination is often a very efficient way to remember subject material.


The class is introduced with a short summary of the previous lessons about Greece and the intention of Philippos to unite Greece.
The class is split up in groups of three.

We will study the Hellenistic Empires

1) Placement in time (Group 1)

App TimeLine3D developing the time line with the following concepts on:

  • Open the App 3DtimeLine
  • Lesson 11: Storia GO2 Place all time concepts on the time line.
  • Export the timeline to PDF and upload it to smartschool.

2) Research Philippos II & Alexander the Great (Group 2)

  • Watch the introduction via the following YouTube link:
  • (this movie was created using QuickTimePlayer)
  • Answer the questions and include them in a Google presentation.
  • Share them with your classmates and teacher.

3) Geographical placement of the Empire of Alexander the Great (Group 3)

  • Look for the maps of the Empire of Alexander the Great and the empire after his death
  • Place the maps in the film reel of the iPad.
  • Open the app Explain Everything
  • Create a slideshow in which you show the differences between the empire of Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic empires after his death and in present-day Europe.
  • Provide sufficient explanation about the dissemination of the Greek culture in the Persian Empire.

4) Glossary of concepts: imperialism; expansion; hegemony; Hellenism (Group 4)

  • Open the Safari app: look up the mentioned concepts and write the definitions down.
  • Open the app PREZI
  • Look for an appropriate template
  • Place the concepts with their correct definitions in Prezi. Make sure that visual materials are also included in Prezi.

What do I need?

  • Internet: Yes
  • Hardware: tablet

ICT Level and Target Group

  • ICT level: easy
  • Target group: first

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