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As part of a module on Art History, students will make one or more photo album(s) using the social network PINTEREST, adding personal descriptions to their chosen artwork.



  • In the first session, which will take place in an IT suite and last one hour, the social network PINTEREST is introduced, and its features explained. During the second part of this session, students are asked to create a PINTEREST profile.  When creating their profile, the student must choose fields of interest, which allows PINTEREST to display a series of visual documents related to these choices on their homepage, on each future visit to the site. This will allow them to concentrate on Antiquity and Art.
  • In the second session, also in a computer room, students will be encouraged to create one or more photo albums on their chosen theme, related to the course in ancient languages. As we mentioned above, the aim of this activity is for students to create photo albums on PINTERST as part of a module on the history of Greek art. For example, you could ask students to create three photo albums, one for ceramics, one for sculpture and one for architecture. You could also consider doing this for different periods of Greek art: archaic, classical and hellenistic art, etc. The choice of categories therefore depends on the aspects the teacher wants to focus on.
  • During the same session, students will also be asked to invite the other students and the teacher to be their friends on PINTEREST, so that they can view the “pin boards” of their classmates. By doing so, they can see each new publication posted, and the teacher can monitor and evaluate student activity.
  • Under each visual document, a text can be added to describe the artwork displayed. Students are asked to write their own short description, which can vary in length and detail depending on the teacher’s instructions.
  • Each student will then be encouraged to present their work orally. For this activity, the traditional oral exam question on the artistic period or genre studied has been replaced with a presentation of the various photo albums and the documents within them, by the student, who will also explain why they have been chosen.
    As an unlimited number of images can be imported, it is important to set the maximum number of photos which students may choose (for example 10 visual documents concerning geometric ceramics, etc.)

What do I need?

  • Internet: Yes
  • Hardware: pc
  • Software:

ICT Level and Target Group

  • ICT level: easy
  • Target group: third

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