Orpheus in the arts

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After reading Virgil’s version of the story of Orpheus in class, you will discuss how it lives on in the arts. Because a lot of information about artworks will not be retained while showing paintings or sculptures, the lesson and comments can easily be recorded with the free software screenr (www.screenr.com). You can send the files to the students, so they can easily review the information.


Screenr lets you record everything on your PC screen and the comments with it as well (for both PC and Mac)
A good preparation of the selection of images is necessary, so that it is easy to click between images.
Go to www.screenr.com (it has an introduction video that explains everything).
Login with Google or your Facebook account.
After you have finished recording, you can download it and send it to your students as mp4 or forward the link.

What do I need?

  • Internet: Yes
  • Hardware: pc

ICT Level and Target Group

  • ICT level: intermediate
  • Target group: second

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