Recreation and festivals in ancient Greece

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All courses for the 3rd year of Greek (4 ASO, age of 15-16) consist of a cultural item followed by a number of Greek texts that illustrate of deepen the theme. The students will create a presentation about one of the festivals that are discussed in the lesson: the Symposion, the Panathenaia, the Mysteries of Eleusis, the Anthesteria. For the substantive aspect they will mainly use the material of the course (progress of the feast, attributes...). The visual material and associated information that was found on the internet will be saved on their own class page on, so students can use this material in the years following. It is the intention to thematically group interesting visual material and good websites and each year make presentations on a different theme.


1 Preparation

  1. During the preparatory lesson the students will be introduced to Prezi (for creating presentations), Pearltrees (for gathering bookmarks, images,….) and Pinterest (searching and gathering images);
  2. In the lesson a class page will be created on Think of a fitting name together with the students, ideally one that includes the name of the school.
  3. The students will search for interesting portal sites, websites (vase paintings, fresco’s, sculptures, cartoons…) and content on the internet and will place the link, images… on under the correct collection (one general collection, and thematic collections). If needed the students will create a new collection;

1 2 Preparation of the presentation

  1. In groups of two the student will create their presentation and will use the offered course materials and the materials that were collected on Pearltrees and Pinterest. They are free to choose for PPP or Prezi;
  2. They will upload their presentation to the school platform or will forward the link of

1 3 Presentation in the class

The students will create their presentation during the lesson.

What do I need?

  • Internet: Yes
  • Hardware: pc

ICT Level and Target Group

  • ICT level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Target group: Greek students second grade , fourth grade ASO

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Lesson Topics

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