Socrative: solve quizzes/questions together in class

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Overview Socrative allows students to respond during the lesson to statements, or answer questions that were formulated in advance by the teacher. This can be a quiz, a consultation or a test. The students can use their laptop or tablet for this. Since this tool is very user-friendly, the lesson is intended for an easy user level. The level of the lesson itself depends on the chosen topic.


The most important features include:

  • Access from any device with Wifi or 3G via the mobile websites;
  • For Android and iOS, access is also possible via a special App;
  • Anonymous and non-anonymous voting;
  • Live results for the teacher. Possible presentation in the classroom
  • Download results afterwards in Excel;
  • Multiple students can respond via a single device.

This tool may be used for the following purposes during a Latin class:

  • A lesson in which the students have to answer grammar questions belonging to a text they have to read individually.
  • After a grammar lesson: theoretical and grammatical questions can be alternated.
  • As a quiz, after an introduction class about the life of Julius Caesar.
  • In a philosophy class, in which the students can philosophise about philosophical statements.


  • Each student /each group works independently on the laptop/tablet.
  • The teacher is aware of the progress of the different groups.

The students can also compare their progress with other groups.

  • The results can be saved, send by email and retrieved afterwards.
  • You can share the quiz with colleagues.

What do I need?

  • Internet: Yes
  • Hardware: tablet

ICT Level and Target Group

  • ICT level: easy
  • Target group: all

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