The Venus of Milo

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The student will look at the famous sculpture the “Venus de Milo” following their study trip to Paris. Using an article (partim), but especially using focussed questions, you will ask the student to do some focused internet research. This closer study will not only make them see that this sculpture has inspired artists throughout the centuries and still inspires to this day, but they are also introduced to important art trends. They will also learn how to correctly identify sources.


  • The students will search for information about well-defined aspects of the Venus de Milo (via a question sheet of the teacher – about the identification of the sculpture/name of the sculpture, etc.) via for instance
    They should explain why this sculpture is one of the top attractions in the Louvre ( and look up information about the typical characteristic of Hellenistic sculptures.
  • They will search for information about the birth of Venus; after that they will take a look at the painting of Sandro Botticelli on
  • They will make a list of the similarities between Boticelli’s Venus, the “Venus de Milo: and the “Venus Pudica”
  • The will search for an example of a commercial in which the Venus de Milo is used and find out why this sculpture may have been chosen.
  • They also have the option to study the Venus of Milo of Salvador Dali (+ formation on Salvador Dali + art period) and discuss the symbolism of the artwork.
  • via ( they will read how Drs. P was inspired by the antique sculpture in his poem about the Venus de Milo.
  • Finally they will search via for a cartoon with the Venus de Milo and they will analyse the cartoon.
  • The student will have to correctly identify their sources throughout the assignment.

What do I need?

  • Internet: Yes
  • Hardware: pc

ICT Level and Target Group

  • ICT level: easy
  • Target group: second

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