Visualising the first Eclogue of Virgil in a word cloud

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Introduce your students to the various interpretations throughout time of this famous poem about shepherds in the shade of a beech... to demonstrate their knowledge they will create a beautiful word cloud based on the popular scientific article about the poem.Have the students gain insight in the various interpretations throughout time of the first eclogue of Virgil. For this purpose they will read a popular scientific article about this famous poem and they will demonstrate the knowledge they have acquired in a beautiful word cloud.


Step 1 Preparation

Read the first Eclogue of Virgil together with the students and discuss the general structure of the poem.

Step 2 Reading the article and creating a beautiful word cloud

Ask your students to look up the following article on the internet:
A.D. Leeman, Het moderne Vergiliusonderzoek, in Hermeneus 59, nr 4, 1987, p. 237-243.
Hermeneus is the popular scientific magazine of the Nederlands Klassiek Verbond (Dutch Classical Society). The annual issues are systematically categorised and are available free of charge on
Have your students read the article and have each of them make a mind-map via that is saved as a png-file. With this word cloud, the student should demonstrate that he/she understands the content of the article. Have students send a copy of this png-file to you, or they can print it out.

Step 3 Written report

Instruct the students to make a written report of their word cloud in which they discuss the various interpretations of the first eclogue of Virgil. The students will upload this report to Google Drive or to the school’s digital educational platform.

What do I need?

  • Internet: Yes
  • Hardware: pc
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  • ICT level: intermediate
  • Target group: second

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