Women in Greek tragedies

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In this activity, which stimulates the research competences, the students will focus on a tragedy from Antiquity in which a woman is the main character (possibly in groups). They will learn the correct way to quote sources; they will also formulate possible research questions and sub questions about their subject.


  • Your students will choose a tragedy in which a woman is the main character; they will search on the internet for information about the dramatist.
  • They will also focus on the reception of this tragedy; they will look for two later artist that were inspired by this tragedy. They will analyse the artistic movements they belong to: they will identify the characteristics of their work that are present in the artwork(s). They will also try to provide an explanation for the lasting value of the tragedy.
  • Thirdly, they will, based on their research, formulate two research questions with sub questions, (broadly) related to the tragedy/myth: they should keep the relevance of the questions in mind.
  • During the research the students have to use proper indication of the sources (give them an example).
  • Finally, a creative assignment may be connected to the research, for instance making a video that shows the content of the myth. (for instance with Windows Moviemaker, iMovie, VideoScribe)

What do I need?

  • Internet: Yes
  • Hardware: pc

ICT Level and Target Group

  • ICT level: easy ( research) difficult ( creative assignment)
  • Target group: Second and third grade

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