All the ideas for lesson activities on this page are documented cases of actual classroom practice written by teachers for teachers. As such, they are taken from many different teaching contexts and so we would urge you, if necessary, to adapt and modify them to fit your learners’ particular needs and interests. You should also remember that they have been contributed by teachers from different cultural and linguistic contexts.

We asked the teachers who described them to indicate the ICT-level of the activitiy: Easy, Intermediate or Difficult.
To decide the ICT-level, teachers were asked to consider how easy the software is to use ,the general organisation and resources needed in order to carry out the activity and the overall skill and experience a teacher would need to attempt it. Of course, they were also influenced by their own personal experience so we are not pretending it’s a very objective system.

These things accepted, we then asked them to help us decide which age group of learners responded best and gained the most from the software and the activity. This led to a division in the 3 levels of secondary education: 1st grade (age 12-14) , 2nd grade (age1 5-16) and third grade (age 17-18) and the label : “for all levels”.
Trying out some of these activities is probably the best way to develop your own IT skills and effectiveness in using online software. But, ultimately, the ideas listed here are yours and the way you use them is totally up to you!

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